Our Beers

Both Brewmasters of Jenoli studied electrical engineering. So we decided to dedicate the names of our most common beers to our nerdy past. Select the labels below to learn more about our beers and their names.



Prices (ask us for sale at our brewery):


  • 5dl swing-top bottle: CHF 4.- (plus CHF 0.50 refund)
  • Case: CHF 5.- refund

If you have a party or small business event we have the necessary equipment:

  • beer tap rental (flow cooler with 2 taps): CHF 80.- (incl. CO2, cleaning/desinfection and 1 Liter beer for free)
  • beer: CHF 6.- per Liter (in 9 or 18 Liter Kegs)
  • Deposit for the tap: CHF 200.-

Please consider that the kegs are filled with fresh beer especially for your event, so we need about 1.5 months notice.

All prices include VAT and are valid for pick up orders. Additional costs will apply for delivery.

We guarantee our great quality for 3 months after selling date.

We do not sell beer to minors (under 16 years in Switzerland).